Harmonious Life

Harmonious Life

With lexical meaning and the meaning we give to the term "Harmonious Life", we mean any improvement, any development of our selves, any development of our inner world. It is a given that every one of us perceives Personal Development differently and as a result we use different paths, activities and practices in order to achieve ones goal.


Is an ancient art of mind when in state of consciousness and helps purity of spirit, perfect balance of ourselves as achieves deep tranquility and stillness of mind. Meditation is the renewal and revitalization of our personal power for self-realization. It helps staying concentrated, eliminate stress and anxiety, troubleshoot problems, remove our negative thoughts and fears, as it has the potential to release our emotions and cultivate love.


Are the energy centers of every person joining the interim body with the energy of life. Chakras metabolize energy throughout the body and particularly in vital areas of the human body.

There are seven energy centers in our body:

Moulantara: Base Chakra or Root (coccyx)

Svantistana: Sanctuary Chakra (pubic)

Manipur: chakra solar plexus (navel region)

Dep: Heart Chakra

Visounta: Chakra Neck

Atzna: the Brow Chakra or the Third Eye

Sahasrara: Crown Chakra (top of the head)


Is the tranquility of mind and body. Yoga is based on discipline and development of the mind in order to achieve the ultimate harmony. The modern theory of yoga is primarily physical activity that requires flexibility, strength and exercise of various difficulty levels. Yoga, however, is exercise for the mind as well. It is the preliminary stage and the meditation hall.

Personal development

Self-awareness, self-confidence, self-esteem and creativity is the cocktail of our personal success. The better knowledge of ones self and needs, always aim at self-realization. The implementation and application of that techniques prevents us from 'burying' our goals and objectives in a dark cellar of our subconscious.