A very warm welcome!

Hello. I am Dimitrios Alexopoulos (James Alexopoulos). I am the founder of James Coaching Academy and founder of the "Zoufous Institute".

I am the First one in Cyprus Certified & Accredited by EMCC as a:


Because of my deep love for books and literature, I started writing books at an early age, and I distract International Awards and National Awards in Literature and in Poetry. Finally, I am member (founder and owner) of a Publishing House with operations in Greece, Cyprus and abroad. I am the Founder & Instigator of the Humanitarian web Foundation: Invest In Humanity.

My love for books and my interest for people and society was obvious from a very young age, when I started to write my first novel-essay in my grandfathers old typewriter.

After my first psychological novel was published, my works (Essays, Poems, Psychological Novels, Social novels, Stochastic essays) were distinguished and awarded from the Panhellenic Literature Association as well as in Global and International Contests.

I am also writing articles in newspapers and magazines on issues of Personal Development, Self Improvement and Counsel for Happiness.

All my work including books, my theories and advisory dialectic indulged in deep Psychology, are Sociological and anthropocentric, with main target people and the inexhaustible power within there selves!

I was trained and I worked with the BEST Life Coaches, Business Coaches and Psychologists in the World.

I have also been Certified as an NLP Master Practitioner, Certification in Hypnotherapy Tactics, I am a Certified and accredited Mentor & Life Coach and other specialized training titles on the advisory and coaching. I am Sales & Business Consultant (since 2006) and I practiced in Personal Development methods: Meditation (Mantras), Yoga and Internal Harmony. I have also dealt with the technique of spiritual concentration and Theta Waves.

Finally I am the Co-Founder of the BORA YANGU Movement which provides Eco friendly place -NO PLASTIC- Bio/Organic products and the BEST Healthy Organic Coffee in the World...